Except Ketchapp, who else understand the pain of Mario-fans who are not able to play the premium Super Mario Run! So they bring a similar game named JUMPY, fully free in App Store as well as Google Play. ?

Jumpy is a simple one tap jumping game but not easy to play at all. It’s an Endless-Runner-Platforming Game where you have to avoid lots of obstacles to go ahead. Your points depend on how many obstacles you have passed! Small Tap makes small jump; Long Tap makes long jump! The environment looks like Mario games where you can attack the head of the living enemies to collect more points and jump again to move forward. You can break the white walls also by your head for collect lots of points.


Lots of Red Spikes are here and there which are really annoying.? Play Jumpy carefully. Some of the platforms are moving, and some are very confusing. Some bright lighting cube indicates upper arrow sign which will make you jump very high and some smiley face cube make some of your upcoming platforms vanished! So be aware. Sometimes those lighting cubes help you to keep playing and sometimes maybe they are just a trap! 😉

You can collect so many smiley coins as game currency during playing to unlock interesting characters. Some golden cube walls showing the letter ‘L‘ will give 10 coins when you broke it! 😀 Though there are different levels of difficulties, you can not start your game from any middle levels where you die. If you died one time, you have to start from the beginning!

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Developer Yabado made this awesome game with simple pixel art graphics, and the colours are perfect for the theme. Sound are also soothing that makes the game enjoyable. Though there are lots of jumping game, Jumpy is different in its way. Too addictive to play, more exciting than Super Mario Run. Try this lovely game and let us know how you enjoy it! Download links are given below for you. 🙂


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