Ketchapp came with its new Endless Game Wire #Sorrybro on the end of the last month, and it’s really awesome. If you like one of their last year’s game “Wave“, then you are gonna love it too!

Wire #Sorrybro is a very easy game, and too much addictive. Your mission is to run the wire you are playing as long as possible. But you have to avoid all the obstacles. In this game, all dark spaces or black things are obstacles. So you have to keep your wire within the light spaces. If you hit anything black, you will die. So play with concentration to score more!

The game control is as simple as Ketchapp’s other games. You have to tap and hold to go up and release tap to go down. It’s a fun game, really! It looks like your wire is dancing! You can also collect diamonds and purchase new appearances for the game.

With 2D visuality, the game graphics is minimalist and colourful which give the game a cool look. As an addition, the soundtrack makes the game more addictive. Moreover, Wire #Sorrybro is worth trying. It’s totally free on both App Store and Google Play. Just click the Icon of your platform to download the game and start playing! Let us know your experience with Wire #Sorrybro.