You might have played 2048 (downloaded nearly 70 million times), the ridiculously popular game that parallels only of stacking numbers on top of one another. Like many other people, you may have been addicted to this game.

Or perhaps you’ve tried your hand at ZigZag (downloaded almost 58 million), Twist (download 47 million times), or Stick Hero (downloaded close to 58 million) equally addictive and straightforward — and nearly as leading as — other games of Ketchapp.


What you may not know is that all of these fabulous games — and about 98 others — are publishers of a five-person company in France that has no office at all!!

Undoubtedly it’s all about Ketchapp Games!! It was the fifth-biggest iPhone apps publishing company in the US regarding downloads during the last quarter of 2015, according to the app analytics website ‘Sensor Tower‘. Only Google, Facebook, Electronic Arts and Amazon had more downloads on iPhones in the US.

What is the secret behind Ketchapp’s taking over the App Store? Depending on who you ask, it’s a combination of smart business, right judgment, or underhanded tactics.

Ketchapp was found on January 28, 2014, by Antoine and Michel, the splendid Morcos brothers!! It has perfected the casual mobile game. It all started when 2048 was first released and whizzed up the charts. After their success with 2048, they never looked back!! You might get puzzled how they are so consistent! For sure they know the market claim and users very well.

What Makes Ketchapp So Successful?

Global Handshake: This French company actually doesn’t make the games it publishes. Instead, it takes about 100 submissions from other developers each week and picks the games it thinks can become mega-hits. Collaborating with other indie devs, Ketchapp publishes their games under its umbrella, a brilliant master plan because it allows them to continue taking advantage of their success without having to keep developing new games from the scrape. This game publishing company was smart enough to realize that many publishers would be trying to replicate their games anyway, so why not take avail of that? Developer Studio’s like wildroad gamesmonkey food, BENTO, No power up and much more published their game under the name of Ketchapp studio.

Quality Control: That’s the ultimate motto of ketchapp games!! Like any other simple requirements of a casual game, they add more spices with some extraordinary strategies and never compromise with its individuality. Moreover, working together for a long time with other finest developing companies it sets its minimum quality requirement which is highly beneficial for their game. Additionally, Ketchapp has their insanely creative crew who have a vast deal of understanding among each other. That is why they always stick together and can build great stuff to offer to their customers. It seems like the key to the success of their growth.


Making Viral Look Easy: Like the company’s games, Ketchapp’s strategy is very simple, at least according to one of the founder Antoine. The co-founder insists that particular game’s growth is organic, and the company doesn’t pay others to advertise its games; an expensive app marketing strategy practice is known as a “burst campaign“. Relatively, he says, it just speeds the new game within its own existing hit games’ pop-up ads, which will drive users from one addictive Ketchapp game to the next one it targets to push up. “We prefer to rely on organic downloads,” Antoine adds “If the game is not sufficient, it will have no purchases.”


All the time you open a Ketchapp game, one of the first things you see is an ad for another one of the publisher’s games. Though you can pay a small amount to remove ads in its games, Ketchapp makes virtually all of its money from advertising, Antoine said. Like many free games, the ads are constant — there are ever-present small banners across the bottom of the screen in some of the games, and full-screen ads pop up after you restart the game every few times.


Activities On Social Media: Ketchapp does a fantastic job of promoting their apps and keeping them at the top of the charts. Each app features social sharing and Game Center leaderboards, promising user-base to share & compete with their friends. Ketchapps Facebook page has more than 2.2 million followers, and they use it not only to drive downloads but also to engage with its users — it frequently posts videos of people playing their games, funny GIFs, and replies to people who post. The company also offers to retweet those who send screenshots if they achieve high scores in Ketchapp games.


So, it seems quite inspiring how Ketchapp gained their reputation in such a short time span. Whatever Ketchapp is doing appears to be working, at least for the Morcos brothers. “Light OnKetchapp’s latest game, shot to the top list last week, another history of success!! So, new developers who seek guidelines to success can definitely follow the scheme of Ketchapp.

Feel free to download ketchapp games for iOS and Android respectively.




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