Wanna have some water rides this summer? But have no chance to go to a water park to enjoy this warm weather? Don’t be sad! Your summer holidays are gonna be cool in a fantastic waterpark with pools and waterslides!

Developer Spil Games brought an exciting waterslide ride that you may never do in real life! This crazy action game’s name is “Uphill Rush”. Get ready for these extreme rides where you can perform mind blowing stunts and blast through everything in your path.

Uphill Rush is a crazy tour in a water park. In this game, your main target is to survive as long as you can while you have to act many actions like insane stunts and blast all the blocks in your path. There are Two Modes to enjoy- Level Mode and Endless Mode. More than that, you can create your own levels too, Wow, Isn’t it cool! But for each ride, you need a Ticket. You can store 20 tickets at once. But if you play for a long time you will probably get more free ride!

It is a multiple controll game. You need to use both hands to play. On the right side of the screen, there are Two Move Buttons. Use right hand to direct your ride forward/increase speed or backward/slowdown. And, there are Two Balance Buttons on the left side of the screen to rotate forward or backwards. Use the left hand to rotate yourself.

During your ride, you can collect lots of Golds and Diamonds. When you hit something, you will get a certain number of Golds at once. Front flips and back flips also give you Golds. Make combo Hits or flips for larger amount of gold! Every level has one hidden diamond! Use specific power-ups to reach the hidden Diamond easily and for many other boosts! Power-up buttons will be available when you have it to use.

At the beginning, you can choose a gender of your character that you are going to play. But you can change your avatar any time in in the game. You can choose your ride too! There are more than 20 different rides. You can buy them with game currency when they are unlocked. To unlocked them, you have to level up. Each character has particular skill on Balance, Boost and Special section. And, each ride has a unique quality of Acceleration, Speed and Strength. You can increase characters and rides features using Golds coin or by watching ads.

Uphill Rush is a charming 3D game. The environment of the water park makes the game very colourful and eye-catchy. Each and everything has a detailed design. And the incredible tracks are world’s most dangerous attractions. Such a huge and wealthy water park that gives the real thrill. Overall the game is rich in graphics. And the sound are so addictive that you can’t stop playing this awesome game!

If you hadn’t tried the game before, don’t wait anymore. Pick up your Free-to-Play copy from you Store Icon that given below. You can easily make some space  in your device for this 357 MB game! Enjoy this summer with Uphill Rush! Happy Gaming!