If you are a fan of Ketchapp‘s one tap games, then a new game you will love I must say. Nanovation brings a simple, minimalist game named Unfold! made by Developer 2 Star Games. Bad news for Android users, the game is only available in App Store!

In Unfold!, Your Character is a little ball which is rolling on a square platform from one to another. Your challenge is to stop the ball falling from the platform by controlling its moving direction. The control system is too easy to play. Just tap the screens when you need to change the direction. Observe carefully to survive because your future platforms can be unfolded in any direction or in the same way you are going. So you have to decide fast that you are going to tap the screen or not.


It is an Endless-Runner Platforming game. You can choose your favourite ball to play. There are 40 colourful characters for you, but you have to unlock them using 100 game currency that you will collect during playing.


Unfold! is such a beautiful minimalist game with an isometric view. Light gradient colours make the whole graphics charming. The music is also refreshing that makes you keep playing.

Sounds Cool!! Then what are you waiting for, Try this awesome Game. Click the link below. Surely it will hook some of your valuable times!