Do you like word making games? If so, then you should give Alpha Swipe a try! It is such a beautiful game by Nanovation. But if you love to play puzzle game as well, then I have a game for you which is also featured on App Store named TypeShift. It is a text based puzzle game which is a fantastic creation from the developer of Zach Gage. As of word puzzler, this concept is little different, easy to understand but hard to solve!

In TypeShift, your target is to solve the puzzles by guessing the right word. As the game mixes crossword elements, you don’t need to think like other word games like using letters make anything! Here you can only swap the letters vertically to make the words. You have to use all the letters to complete a level. Once you find an answer, spell it in the centre row, it will change the colour of the boxes of those letters. Think wisely to solve this fantastic game. Try something unique, try something different. YES! You never solve the game with random regular used small worlds. No time limit, no hurry. Take your time and make some unusual words. The game will wonder you!

Typeshift counts as Percentage. There is no scoring system in this game. You have to solve the whole 100% by making words. There are some Core Words you have to found which solve the round fast, but you can complete every level by any random words. These will be shown as Additional Found Words below the Core Words while the scoreboard will show your result. This scoreboard will also show how many new words you found and how much time you took to solve the level! You can get Hints to catch a suitable word, or you can ask your friend for help. You can collect hints by watching Ads.

Let me tell you one thing that you will never be bored with this game. This awesome puzzle game has 15 puzzle packs, and each has many levels with different difficulties! Isn’t it exciting? Though it is a Free game, but there are some In-App-Purchases. You will easily play 5 new packs fully free, sadly rest of the levels are premium no way to play them free. And this purchase will remove all ads, unlock stats and themes! As I played only the free portion of the game, so I won’t be able to tell you anything about stats. If you play any premium pack, then share your experience with us. But I would like to share all the solved answers of the free packs with you. If you want to have a look, just Click Here.

At the end, I can say these is a great word puzzle game as well as a good English practice! The game is fantabulous, I must say. So, if you wanna have a try, hit the App Store Icon below to download this small 78.4 MB Typeshift on your iOS and start making words as much as you can.