Being a 90’s kid was all about playing Microsoft PC games when the Internet was down or the hour was lazy! Games like Solitaire, Mahjong, Hearts, Purble Place gives us the nostalgia whenever we remember them. And the best of them all was the classic Pinball!!


Now, this classic game is back in full glory! With slick presentation, astounding combination of difficulty and smoothness blended with a wonderful soundtrack! PinOut is the resurrection of Pinball, which is the top featured game currently in the App Store; thanks to Mediocre Games, the makers of  Smash Hit!


⚛Same Core, only endless!


Just like the classic, PinOut follows the footsteps of its ancestor. Two flippers are given on the left and right, and a ball to knock about the place. But what makes it unique, is its lost sense of boundary!

Yes, this gorgeous game is endless. But only for like 60 seconds! You’d have to collect your chances of extra seconds within the gameplay! Tap and hold the flippers to hold the ball in place. This allows you to control and accurate your shots.

You’ll need to shoot the ball through specific ways to go further in the game. There are also hidden power-ups that can keep time in your favour for a while! Also, there are some mini games to play which you can play to boost your time!


⚛Absolute Gaming pleasure!

PinOut is dramatic with its physics, working in rhythm to keep you flowing. The speed works in your favour. Also, the powerups help you to take it easy a bit.

It is not that easy when you’re starting out. You may find yourself lost in some stages. But once you get used to it, you will rock your way from screen to screen like a pro.

And even when you make a wrong shot and glide down a long way, you’ll still be motivated to start over push yourself further. This is somehow because of the electrifying and energising soundtrack, which builds up the mood as you go on and perfectly catches the hyper-neon ’80s vibe.



⚛Worth the gamble!

This game is an absolute genius making, and it is free to own! Only a minimal amount of US1.99$ in-app-purchase can give you the opportunity to start from checkpoints. But the cost is completely worth it! If you haven’t tried this amazing game yet, hurry up and download it from the links provided below. ❤️

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