Flappy Bird, Angry Bird, Hill Climb Racing, and there are many big hit casual games, which have earned millions of dollars. However, Electronic Art, Playstation, Xbox no big publisher came forward to publish them. Indie Developers were suffering to release their cool games. Plus, without proper marketing, it was difficult for the user to find their favorite games. Certainly, there was a gap, and so cunning publishing studio has utilized this opportunity. Let us talk about five distinct casual game publisher and see how they are performing according to the information generated from Apptopia (an app performance analytical tool). The Time frame of the data is 20 June 2016 to 18 July 2016.

1. Ketchapp Studio:

Stack, Zig Zak, The Line Zen, Sky, Stick Hero- Hope you are familiar with one of these names. Yes, Ketchapp has published all these games. This Paris-based organization has released 91 games in Appstore and 72 games in GooglePlay Store until today with an average of 1 million downloads. Moreover, Their average daily download in Appstore and Playstore are 488,252 and 366,648 respectively. Like their name, they are catching awesome game apps on a regular basis. After their first success with 2048, they never look back. You might get wonder how they are so consistent! For sure they know the market demand very well plus their users very well. If you look very carefully, there are some features among all of their games. Which are: Simple interaction mostly single or double tap, very minimal graphics, and game size. So keep these factors in mind, if you want to work with Ketchapp visit their website: http://www.ketchappstudio.com

2. Backflip Studio:

One of the earliest publishers in the mobile game industry is Backflip Studio. Beside mobile platform, they publish console game as well. Do you remember Paper Toss? That was their first hit game for mobile. Backflip earned more than 50 million downloads for it. Except Paper Toss, They have many other golden babies in their basket, namely: DragonVale, NinjJump, Ragdoll Blaster, and Army of Darkness Defense. All these big hits altogether gained 300 million downloads. Nowadays, they are getting 51 thousand plus downloads every day in Appstore and Playstore. Like others, Most of their revenue come from ADS.

From the graphical point of view, Backflip has more graphic intensive user-base. Indie developer must come up with a unique concept and good graphics if they want to publisher game from Backflip Studio. Because Backflip is maintaining these features strictly.

3. Fingersoft

In casual game industry, one game can change the life. Same thing happened with Toni Fingerroos. His Hill Climb Racing was downloaded 200 million times. Now they develop games as well as publish games developed by another developer. They have released nine games for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and Amazon. In average Fingersoft is gaining 37,423 downloads in Appstore and 196,556 downloads in Google Play every day. 88.4% of their revenue come from ADS and rest from IAP. One of the unique features of their games is uniqueness. For example in Fast Like a Fox, character control was innovative. So your game has to be different if you want to work with them.v

4. Noodlecake

You might have heard about Chameleon Run, a paid game by Noodlecake. From the beginning, Noodlecake is delivering hit game. Until now, they have published 35 Games in Appstore and 101 games in Google Play. They are getting 48,077 and 93,678 downloads daily in iOS and Android stores. Though Chameleon Run is a paid game, most of their previous games are free to play. Still now, they are earning 74% of their revenue from ADS, 12.5% from IAP and 13.5% from app purchase. This Canadian-based studio started their journey in 2011. They got hip in their very first game Stickman Golf. Except that, they have plenty of popular games in their folder. For example Mmm Fingers, Flappy Golf, Super Stickman Folf2 and much more. If you have an awesome game and looking for a publisher with a good user base, then Noodlecake might be very good option. Email through “publishing@noodlecake.com” to start your conversation.

5. Orangenose Studios

Hardest Game Ever, Hardest Game Ever 2, Motor hero, One Wheel – Endless, Sky Glider all these hit games belongs to Orangenose Studios. With 30 Published Games, they are getting 25,029 downloads in Apple’s app store every day. Most of their games are free to play. So, 83.4% of their revenue comes from ADS, only 2.6% from IAP and the rest from app purchase. They have a very good user-base. If you are making minimalistic games with simple and funny gameplay, then Orangenose might be a very good option.


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