One more exciting game for Ketchapp lovers! Today, Ketchapp released their new game which is very simple like their other games but quite interesting! I am talking about “The Floor Is Lava” which is developed by Food Monkey Games.

The Floor Is Lava” is a fun game. Your mission is simple here. You have to jump across your living room, from one furniture to another! Sounds crazy, isn’t it? You can land on the floor also, but not all time. At any moment, your floor can turn into hot lava! If you fall on the floor that time, your game will be over. Don’t be scared. You can collect Hearts during playing which will save you from Lava.

The control is easy – just tap to jump. Nothing else. You can easily play this casual game with one hand. This is all about gameplay. Now, let’s talk about graphics. Visually, it’s a 3D game. Though graphics are very simple, it’s colourful and well looking. The developers use lots of assets with flat colours. Even the Lava, which is the core part of the game is also very flat. But, as a package, the game is good enough as well as addictive.

The background soundtrack is nice. It hooks the contraction in the game. Effects music is also interesting. As the game is fully free on both platform – app store and google play, you can check it out once, after all, it’s Ketchapp’s game! So, if you want to try it, then pick your copy from bellow. Hit your Store Icon to download the game and enjoy “The Floor Is Lava“.