Taco lovers pay attention!! Want some taco tossing fun?! Developer Sticky Toffee Games made a super fun game named “Taco Joe” where you have to play with tacos! Sounds crazy? But, it’s true! Appsolute Games LLC brought this game on App Store for the gamers who love Endless Addictive Games.

In this game, you are playing a role of a renowned Mexican Taco Master who is famous for his unique ways! He makes best tacos in the world with special secret recipes, and his serving style is just outstanding! All hungry people crowd in his shop for taste his different types of delicious tacos. Seeing the endless crowd, I must say, he is such a successful man! But, with success comes great rivalry! Chili Billy, his biggest enemy who is always ready to destroy his reputation. But, don’t worry. As in this game, you are playing his role, you never put him down, right?

In this game, you have to serve tacos to your hungry customer. Though you get a huge crowd, you can’t miss anyone of them. If you forget to serve only one customer before he reaches the borderline that sets by Chili Billy, your game will be over. And of course, this should happen! Because your customer is really starved, and without taco, he falls on the ground for hungriness!! So, you should get your reward of punishment, isn’t it?!!

This game is very addictive and full of fun. You start your game with the main character Mr Taco Joe. He is amazing. His voice and style of talking are really impressive. Though he is enough good to play with, you can try all 15 characters that the game have. They all are as entertaining as Taco Joe. Their names are also amusing like – Zombie Joe, Wrestler Joe, Posh Joy, Sumo Joe, Farty Joe, Action Hero Joe, BatJoe, Marty McJoe, Forrest Joe, Joe Balboa, Clown Joe, Josephine, Incredible Joe and Ninja Joe! They all are good looking and stylish. You can choose any of them whom you like most. But you have to unlock them first.

The game is very simple with an easy control system. You can master in it without difficulty. Just touch and hold to through tacos to the people and at the same time, swipe your finger up and down to move Joe. Joe has a particular speed to through tacos. But if you want to serve them a little bit faster, then make a single tap for each taco!

During playing, you can get various Power-ups which make the serving of tacos to your customers easier. Like – sometimes your serving speed increases or sometimes you can serve 3 tacos at once!! The most exciting one is “Taco Blaster” where you can serve tacos by a gun with the gun speed!! interesting, right?

You can get Coins and Beans while playing. Those helps you to unlock characters. You can also open Gift Boxes before time with those Coins or Beans. Otherwise, you have to open a gift box per 3 hours. You can also win prizes with those game currency. The game gives you lots of Missions on gathering scores, collecting coins and beans, achievements, etc. Complete those missions to win big prizes!

This game is pleasant and delightful. You can have great fun to challenge friends to try and beat score! And what I can say about the soundtrack! The background music and voiceover, both are fantastic that make the game too much addictive. The game graphics is also wonderful. Visually, it’s 2D, colourful and gorgeous. The environment of the game is cool. I really love the way how the other shopkeepers get angry when I through tacos on them!!

If you love to eat tacos or if you are hungry now, then don’t play this game! This game makes you craving for tacos! So, first fill your stomach with your favourite food and then start chilling with this Taco Master. Pick up your Free-to-play copy by hitting the Store Icon below. And, don’t waste your leisure time without this time killer because IT’S TACO TIME…..