Casual game lovers sometimes look for some single tap mobile games which will be simple but full with addictiveness as they are always are good stuff for relaxation. Today, we like to share a game with you that may sooth your mind when you are in a hectic life. I am talking about “Split.Up” by developed Gamepie that released on the 1st week of this month and got featured on App store.

Split.Up is a very simple game with a different gameplay. You have to control a pair of Ball with long trails that can split and move opposite direction. You have to travel an Endless path with the pair avoiding too many obstacles. Though the game looks easy, it’s hard to manage both sides at a time. It’s tough because the control is one. You have to Tap and Hold on the screen when you want to split them, and they will split like same angles and same ways. You have to concentrate both of them to save them from obstacles.

During the journey, you have to collect as many Diamonds as you can. The count of the Diamonds is the game points. In this game, except those Diamonds, everything else is your enemy. Don’t hit with anything else. Otherwise, Your game will be over!

Split.Up is very simple minimalist 2D game. The colourful obstacles on the dark ash background make the game charming. It is very smooth and eye-soothing game as well as addictive too. If you want to try this beautiful game, then manage only 195.5 MB of space on your device to download the game from App Store and start playing. Hit the Store Icon below. Your Free copy is waiting here for you.