Ketchapp is just awesome for their simple 2D games. When I started playing their latest game “Spiral Tower“, it’s simplicity amused me. But then I found, every simple look is not that easy!

As Spiral Tower is Ketchapp’s game, obviously it has one tap control and understanding gameplay. It is an Endless Running Game where the only target is avoiding Obstacles. Sounds simple? No way!! Spiral Tower is the hardest one tap game I have ever played!!

The gameplay is very charming on its own way. A High Tower surrounded by Spiral Stairs, a Character that you play and lots of Obstacles are the core part of the game. Your mission is to climb upstairs avoiding obstacles. But it’s quite impossible. You don’t have enough time to think and then cross the enemy. The stairs you passed gradually disappear. When you roll up, you will face various obstacles and they are really crazy. Falling cubes, jumping balls, rotating handles , spikes etc. will make ur journey horrible but the vanishing stairs will make it impossible I must say! ?


The control system is very simple. Tap and hold to move forward and release touch to stop your playing character. There are lots of characters available in the game shop though all are in Square shapes and White-based colours. You can buy them using Purple Coloured Balls that you collect during playing. You can also choose the colour of tower and stairs from the gallery on your choice. There are 51 missions in this game. Play to find out what will happen after finishing them!! ?

Ketchapp brings this game with the Developer Wildbeep in both Play Store and Google Play. It’s really amazing that how they come out with different but fantastic games using their traditional flat colour and minimalist assets. The sounds are also good as usual.

Spiral Tower is hard, but at the same time so addictive. It will not let you go back without proving your gaming skill. So what are you waiting for? Download this fun game right now and let us know how you like it! ?

Download : 

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