Getting bored by playing only fun games? Then give your brain some task. Developer Happymagenta did a great job by bringing an impressive word puzzle game which will surely tease your brain! Feeling confused? Don’t be! Because there are more things to get confused!!

The new game I’m talking about is “Under A Spell“. It features on the App Store this week. And why doesn’t it be! It’s a perfect game for word practice with lots of fun.

The game came up with a very easy gameplay. In this game, there will be a slot where a certain number of letters can be set. You will be given a grid that contains various letters. You have to make suitable words by swiping your finger on the letters that can fit into the slot. Isn’t it amusing?

The grid can be multilayers, and the slot can come with a letter. Sometimes it can be a hint for making a perfect word, but sometimes that letter can disturb you making your imagined word! Don’t worry too much. The game is not that hard also. You can use Hint if you stack somewhere. Or if you make any extra word, it will fill the kettle of Alchemy which will give you Extra Bonus. The game is too much fun!

The game has many missions to complete. And once you complete a mission, you can unlock your rewards. There is a Fortune wheel where you can spin once per day to get free gifts. Besides, you can open a gift bag once in every 8 hours where you can get lots of gifts! So cool, isn’t it?

Under A Spell has 1,800 levels. The whole game is playable in eight languages! It is a colourful 2D game with good graphics. The soundtrack is also calming. Moreover, it’s a perfect package of a quality game. It will keep your mind sharp and keep you active with gaming. So, what are you waiting for?! Jump into this word puzzle game and enjoy yourself by making words!