Voodoo, the creator of the very successful io game “Paper.io“, came with their new game “Snake VS Block” on both App Store and Google Play which is developed by Bento Studio. It’s quite similar with Ketchapp‘s “Ballz but much more exciting. Let’s talk about the game in details below.

Snake VS Block” is an Endless Auto-runner game where your main character is Balls. Here, you are moving upwards, but there are some blocks in your path. Your mission is to break those bricks by your balls to clear your way. Each block shows its hitpoints, it means, you need that amount of balls to break that block. The game starts with 4 balls, but you have to collect more balls to make a snake. When you collect balls, you can see their amount. The more balls you collect, the more your snake will be longer.

The control of the game is really easy that you can play with just one finger. You have to wipe your finger to guide the snake of balls to break the bricks. The more you break the blocks, the better points you will collect. But, sometimes it’s better to avoid blocks. Don’t hit a block which has bigger hit points than a number of your collected balls. Otherwise, your game will be over. But, sometimes, you can get your life one more time by watching an ad.

Graphically, Snake VS Block is a very simple minimalist game with 2D visuality. The black background and colourful blocks make the game very gorgeous. And, the small-sized yellow balls suit the environment very much.

As the game is Free-to-play and very small in size (only 62.4 MB), you can easily download and play. It’s a great fun game, and it will become more joyful when you challenge your friends with your best high score. So, check out this exciting games by hitting your Store Icon below and make the biggest snake ever to enjoy Snake VS Block!