To steal puzzle lovers attention one more time, The Mascoteers brings a unique puzzle game. SMATCH is a fantastic colourful puzzle game which will test your concentration and quick reaction ability. If you are a casual game lover, you must love to play it.

The gameplay is very simple but addictive. It focuses on a small Inner Circle that rotates inside a larger outer one. The Outer Circle is multi-coloured, and the Inner Circle carries Colourful Darts. Your challenge is to shoot the Dart at the similar coloured section of the outer one.

Smatch is a one tap puzzle game. As the control system is simple, the developer makes the gameplay little twisty by the continuous rotations of the circles in the opposite direction. When you tap on the screen, a Dart fired away to hit the Large Circle. You have to shoot the coloured Darts at the right target. This game is unpredictable and fast-paced, so you have to pay your full attention. As you shoot Darts, more and more will appear around the Inner Circle. So, of course, you have time limitations. Once Darts form a complete circle, it will be instant game over. The game is quite challenging. Colours of the Darts and Larger Circle are continuously changing, and the rotation speed of both circles are gradually increasing. If you fail to match colours, it is also an instant game over. So don’t shoot before the similar coloured outer edge starts.

The game is little exciting. Some Stars will appear as Power during playing. You have to grab them in your first shot by the same coloured Dart. Otherwise, the Star will leave you! You can buy different shape of Characters and Outer Circle available in the Game Shop. New shapes may help you to score more! The game graphics is so smooth and colourful that you love to spend time with it.


The game developing and publishing studio The Mascoteers is based in Melbourne, City in Victoria, Australia and having a branch in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In last six months, they got a huge success with their four games – 360 Degree, Swiperoo, Circlify and Dropple. Like them, surely Smatch will also get the same success.

Smatch is a super addicting game. Enter into the colourful world of Smatch and be amazed. It will hook a quality time from your busy life. The game is free on both App Store and Google Play.

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