Every day, many casual mobile games hit the stores. So, for developers, it’s hard to secure an own place in the industry where races are going on. In between, who can bring some uniqueness in their games get the success! This week, Part Time Monkey is one of them by bringing an adorable game called “Silly Walks” which is unique and brilliant.

Silly Walks is a simple arcade game, but on the other hand, it’s an adventurous journey through various household objects of a pineapple cocktail to save his fruity friends! His friends are kidnapped by the Evil Blender who is going to blend them later. So, you have to guide the saviour to rescue them before they being blend!

The gameplay of this game is awesome, and the control system is pretty wonderful. You can understand a little by the game name that you way you have to walk is silly, and literally, it is! The cute character is rotating on one leg all the time. But when you tap anywhere on the screen, it changes his leg and starts anti-spinning. Thus, you have to move forward by changing his legs! It is silly, right?! But nothing else is as silly as walking in this game, trust me! It sounds a fun game which is actually true, but it’s tough. You will get a huge amount of fun if you can catch the pattern of walking, and achieve success with less trouble.

The game is quite difficult because of unique obstacles. The path is not smooth, I mean, you have an enormous amount of life-risk to rescue your friends! You can be cut by kitchen knives or can be ground by cheese graters if you are little careless during playing. Also, don’t forget the meat hammers too. One of the big hassles is the platform itself! As you have to walk on tables or stands, there are lots of chance to fall from there which is an instant death! In this game, you have to face Evil Bosses too. Defeating those bosses is too much interesting, exciting and tough, I must say.

Silly Walks is a level based game. Each level has 3 different missions like kicking objects, breaking items, defeating evils, or collecting Suger Cubes. Suger cube works as the game currency in this game. You can skip death by using this Suger Cubes! To hit objects, you can use Dashes. Just swipe your finger in on direction for a strong dash! But it takes some times to recharge for the next dash.

There are 10 cool characters in this game, and their names are interesting too like – Piney, Ramenja, Hot Dawg, Big Oan, Cuppy, Poppy, Butters, Peppe, Doh Nut, and Hammie! You can use Suger Cubes to but those characters to play with your favourite one.

This game has fantastic graphics which you definitely enjoy. The animations are too cute that you would love to play all your leisure time. The great light adjustment and 3D visuality give the game an amazing look. Moreover, this game is incredible. Try this fabulous game, and surely you will love every minute of this lovely game!

This game is small (240 MB) and free-to-play with some optional in-ap-purchases. But sad news for android users, this beautiful game is only available on app store. For your quick start, the download link is attached below. Hit the App Store Icon below to get the link and enjoy Silly Walks! Happy Gaming.