Do you love relaxing arcade games? Then here is a good suggestion to check out a very minimalist new arcade game named “Shape Fix“. Developer Triskale Games, a one man indie game studio is the creator of this satisfying game which is published by the young game studio Umbrella games. Though I have played other games from this publisher, Shape Fix is a little unique. Let’s talk about the gameplay first.

Shape Fix has an exciting gameplay with simple one tap control. In this game, there are 2 layers, and both have the same shape. Your mission is to fit the inner shape into the outer one. Though it sounds easy, it’s quite difficult. One shape always moves, sometimes both shapes can be moved. So, it’s tough to place the inner one to the exact position. You have to tap anywhere on the screen at the perfect time. If the shapes don’t fit each other, your game will be over.

Shape Fix has two modes – Challenges Mode and Endless Mode. The Challenges Mode is level based. You have to complete one level to unlock the next one. There are 40 unique levels in the Challenges Mode, and each level has 3 or 4 types of challenge. If you lost one, you need to play the full level again from the beginning. The Endless Mode is real fun! One miss out means End! Per success gives you a single point in this mode. You can play this endless mode to beat your own high score. Or, you can play with your Facebook Friends to compete with them!

You can collect Stars while playing. These Stars helps you to unlock cool Designs for your shapes! There are 20 different and interesting designs in the shop.

Shape Fix is a very simple looking game with minimal graphics and 2D visuality. Every element is colourful on the white background, which gives the game an exquisite look. The game is very peaceful and quiet. There is no background music except the effect sounds. But I think a soothing light soundtrack can make the game more elegant!

Moreover, what we get from the developers is really awesome. This is a perfect choice for those who like calm and soothing casual game. As it is Free-to-play on App Store, you can have a quick try now. Just hit the Store Icon below to download it and enjoy the Shape Fix. You can share your experience with us in the comment section below or on our Facebook Page. Hope you will enjoy it. Happy Gaming! 🙂