Ketchapp is always the best and everytime they show it though they don’t need to prove it to someone. But to secure the topmost position in the casual game industry, Ketchapp always brings unique and addictive games one after one. And that’s the reason we, the casual game lovers love Kertchapp so much! As I always look for new mobile games and my first choice is Ketchapp’s games, so today I just clicked Ketchapp’s social media page to have a look at what’s new. And guess what! I found something very interesting. A gameplay video of a very simple looking game looks like Stick Hero but there was something unusual! In this video, someone is playing this game but not using his fingers. I felt very confused, at once I checked the caption, and that amused me! It was a WOW feeling when I read – “Use your voice to control the hero“.

YES! None other than Ketchapp published this awesome game named SCREAM GO HREO. Thought I saw the name before watching the gameplay, it didn’t confuse me. Because I never though someone can bring a game like this where playing the game not with your hand but your voice! I only thought maybe the Hero shouts too much! Indeed the game crossed my expectation, and I got a super funny and exciting game that entertains not only me but also all my room members!

SCREAM GO HREO is a highly unique concept game according to the control system. Though you have to only jump between platforms, it’s really challenging to control the hero with voice. You have to use Soft Voice to Move, Loud Voice to Jump and Speak Louder to Jump Higher! Isn’t is fantastic? You can slide The Adjust Sensitivity Scroll Bar on the bottom left of the screen to adjust the sensitivity of the voice. Playing a game with no background music or effect sound is amazing! The Black minimalist character and objects on the white background give the game a very stylish look.

This cool idea comes from the Stick Hero’s developer Windforce. They really did an excellent work on the mechanics of this game. I can’t stop playing this and just disturbing all my family members! I highly recommend you to play this fun game once at least. It’s absolutely free on both App Store and Google Play and download links are just given below for you. One advice for you – don’t play SCREAM GO HREO outside the house, you may be beaten by police or public! ;P