Since I’ve been playing a lot of ‘Lock The Block‘ nowadays, my mind is spinning in circles all the time! Today I came across another fun game. And yeah you guessed it right; it’s another spinner! ?

You think you’ve got good reflexes? Try playing ‘Running Circles’, a crazy, fun and challenging game by Boombit Games. This one tap endless game will keep you on your toes for sure.


In this game you find a cute cube-shaped character inside a circle and many other circles touching that one and one another. The challenge is to keep your eyes open because your character is always spinning. Tap to switch sides, or change circles. You simply cannot stay within a circle for long! A circular wall forms from the center and expands; if it touches you, you die! If you hit any obstacle, you DIE! You can collect gems and avoid obstacles. And they are everywhere, inside and out! Be sure to tap on the right time or else you’ll hit something and BOOM! You DIE! ?

In ‘Running Circles’ you can enjoy cool features like cloud sync, replay options, and 24 different languages. You can go to multiplayer mode and play turn-based if you own an Apple TV! Just connect and challenge up to eight other players! You can use the gems or play other games to unlock fun and cheery characters.


This game is harder than you think!! There is only this precise moment you can tap and sometimes planning ahead can help you. You are always on spin. So if you want to breathe within, you have to make sure you are spinning in a safe spot! ?

Running Circles is a universal game and available for free in all different kind of app stores. There are some in-app purchases for Easy Mode and character unlocks, so feel free to download and play!





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