If you just want to relax, laying on a couch without storming your head, you can give a try to Rotaball. Nanovation followed by DEADCOOL, brought to you another addictive game where you have to tap or hold the game screen to score. The most refreshing fact of this game is, here you control the environment, not the player!! Pretty impressive, right?

The control is very easy. All you have to TAP or HOLD to rotate obstacles around the ball, as it travels downwards. Your score counts on how many obstacles you avoid. Here you get to know how fast your reflex is. If you touch any of the objects, you die!

So let’s see, how far can you get!



• Tons of Characters to Unlock
• 24 Challenge Levels
• Endless Mode
• Unique Game-play
• Minimal Graphics & Music


Did you like what you read? You can download and try out this amazing game for free on App Store following the link below-