If you are a casual game lover but getting bored with simple one tap game with same type gameplay, then I would like to suggest you a super fantastic game named Rodeo Stampede- Sky Zoo Safari! Though it is not a new game, still it’s a fun game with a unique gameplay we’ve never seen.

Sydney-based indie game studio “Featherweight games” build this amazing game that published by the creator of many popular games “Yodo 1 games” on 22 June of last year. Recently, an update arrived in Rodeo Stampede on App Store that makes the game more exciting to play. This valentine’s day special update is coming to Android also on 13th February. If you had not try it before, then don’t late anymore to jump into this adventure! Yes! Though Rodeo Stampede is an entertaining arcade game with a mix of a little bit base building, it’s not less than an adventure! In this Endless Runner, you will wander around in Savannah, Jungle, Mountain and many wonderous places while riding on various new animals haven’t ridden before!

Rodeo Stampede- Sky Zoo Safari is a one-handed control game. The main plot of the game starts with a cowboy as well as a hero that you can choose whom you like, ride through the wild stampede and be bounding from animal to animal in the savannah. Each animal that you pick has a certain time limit to carry your character. So before that, you have to change the animal; Otherwise, the animal throws away your character itself. The control of the game is to tap and hold to sit on an animal and release tap to jump. A yellow circle will appear while jumping and you have to make sure that the circle grabs the next targeted animal. You can drag to helm and make a strategy to avoid obstacles, but you can smash the gift boxes and shrubs for added advantages. You should play the game with tricky challenges. It’s really adventurous to travel across the impressive landscape, catch animals and befriend with them to show off in the Sky Zoo.

Sky Zoo is the tycoon side of the game. You must build an airborne zoo in this game. You have a chance to befriend with the new animals you ride during playing, and once you become friends, your new friend will be placed in this zoo. You can select your favourite creature to start with a new round of the game. Try to find unique animals to place in your zoo which make the place more entertaining. Invite visitors to visit your zoo that you can expand and manage it. Visitors will help you to earn cash. You can open your zoo every couple of hours that makes more money. Using this money, you can upgrade your animal’s habitat that will increase some skills and abilities of your animals.

The latest update adds Breeding Pen and Baby Animals in the game. Now you can breed your animals to produce baby animal that you can bring with you on your Endless Run. To use this breeding system, you need to choose a particular animal, and then you have to find its ‘match‘ from the run. If you successfully hop on and tame it, you can place both of then in the breeding pen for a new baby creature! This update is already available for iOS users! Android users should wait one day more!!

The game is really cool. You will find plenty of animals during playing. Variety of Buffalos, Zebras, Elephants, Ostrich, Giraffe, Vulture, Lion, Boar, Alligator, Gorilla, Rhinoceros, Tiger, Hippos, Toucan, Kangaroos, Drop Bears (Koalas), Sheep, Wombats, Emus, Camels, Flying Foxes, Llamas, Goats, Bears, Wolves, Yaks, Eagles, Moose and many more animals are here for your ride. Different animals have different skills, speeds and abilities. In this creatures, some are Rare, some are Bosses, and some are Secret animals. Rare animals will appear when you have passed a long distance; You will meet bosses after finishing lots of missions, and Secret creatures will only appear after certain criteria have been fulfilled.

You can buy Epic animals from the shop also. There are many Hippos in this game which will boost the game. So many Hats are available for your cowboy. You can unlock them by the ride on Rare animals. You should complete the missions the game will give you. Every 6 hours new missions are automatically unlocked. You can also gain more by watching ads.

Safari Selfies

The game has a rich graphical environment with an attractive soundtrack. Taking safari selfie is also a fun part of this game. This auto-runner game is super addictive game. If you like what you read, then download the game following the links bellow and enjoy.


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