Do you love car racing?

Imagine you are driving a car, racing with another car racer, you have to win anyhow, you are speeding up your car, outpacing all others vehicles, full on driving mood with full of excitement…..

Relax! Don’t worry if you don’t have that real life opportunity of a car race. To heal all your inner desire of racing a car, Developer ShortRound Games brought an exciting car racing game named Rival Gears Racing. You may already be familiar with so many racing games on your PC or mobile devices, but it’s a unique race I must say.

Rival Gears Racing is a very fast action racer. It’s an online high-speed racing game where you have to play the challenge against real life player. Isn’t it so exciting? You can complete this addictive game alone or as a part of a team.

In this game, you are competing with only one car in a racing road. Each road has 4 lanes. Except your opponent, many other random vehicles are also going by this path. Your mission is to win off course avoiding crashes with others. So, you should be attentive to watch out the traffic, though they will flash their hazard lights to inform you that they are in your lane.

The control of this game is quite simple. You just have to tap left arrow of the screen to go on the left lanes of the road and tap right arrow of the screen to go on the right lanes of the road. You should move into the correct lane to get “Pickups”. At the top of the screen, there is a Boost Bar which fills up as you race. As skillfully you play, as faster the bar fills. When it fills entirely, a Boost Button pops up beside the right arrow. Hit that Boost Button when you are ready, it will make your car super speedy.

You can buy you favourite car from the showroom by the Game Currency. As the graphics of the game is very rich, cars are also very generous. The cars look really stunning each with their own classic lines blended with sleek future styling. So many options are available there like – hurricane 3000, spearhead xs, katana fq-600, etc. You can choose the car by checking the car overview like its speed, acceleration, stability, charge boost/ pulse boost, etc. As you buy your new car, just collect the key and start racing in the racing zone.

There are some features in the game where the real action take place like – New Comer Hangout, League Championship, New Event, Rival Gear Championship, Pro-Teams, etc. You can choose Free Race, or you can buy race with game currency. There are two types of game currency in the game – Doller($) and Gems. You will get this currency by racing and win.

During the Pre-Race Countdown, you have a chance to buy a Boost which will give your an edge. There are three types of Boost – Cash Boost, Performance Boost, and Startline Boost.

  • Cash Boost increases the money that you will earn during the race.
  • Performance Boost tunes your car to give it the best performance.
  • Startline Boost allows you to start the race with a fully charged boost.

In this game, you can level you up by collecting XP. A good performance during the race helps you to gather lots of XP like – No Crash, Perfect Boost, Near Miss, etc. Each gives 500 XP. Rather than this, winning a race gives thousands of XP. You can upgrade your car to make it more powerful. An excellent driving gives a Free Upgrading Component box remaining Components like power converter, aerodynamics, main thruster, etc. which helps to install or repair upgrades cheaper. You can find Common or Rare Components in this Component box.

You can visit city maps also. Compete for the dynamic campaign map and unlock cars, lobbies, events and bonus items to progress yourself in this game.There are also some fun parts in this awesome racing game. You can create a name for you and choose your favourite avatar which will show beside the name. You can also collect daily rewards by coming into the game at least once every day. You can visit city maps also. You will get News of the day and Player of the day in your game!

Racing is always exciting, and this game is also very challenging. With a combination of a high-fidelity graphics and addictive gameplay, this game is a new type of CSR Racing. The music is soothing with inspired track yet not too disturbing. The music is also soothing with inspired track yet not too disturbing. Moreover, it is a full package of excitement. If you didn’t try this before but like what you read just now, then download the game from the given icons and start your race with your dream car as soon as possible.