Did you ever missed the bus when you were in a hurry to reach your destination?! Just imagine, you are impatiently waiting to arrive home to redeem your assuming wife’s anger!! Or you are too late to reach the office that your arrogant boss could fire you, but you are late to arrive at the bus stop, and the bus left you behind. You missed your bus! Now what will you do if it was the last bus?!! Do anything, but don’t be too crazy like the man of the game “Catch The Bus“.

Developer Tiny Games came with this new story where you will play a character who missed his/her bus. And now you have to catch the bus anyhow and the only way to run wildly behind the bus! The unfavourable bus driver won’t stop for you. So you have to run to catch the bus avoiding various obstacles like cafe tables, phone booths, dustbins, road cones, hipsters, strange people, etc. of the street side. You need to catch Energy Drinks which will help you to pass the most challenging obstacles! You can collect Coins to unlock 10 Strange Characters to play with your favourite one.

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It’s easy and simple, just a one tap Runner Game. “Small tap” will make you jump and “tap and hold” will make you high jump. There are two different modes- Story and Endless. 5 famous cities are available in this game as stages- London, Venezia, Paris, New York and Tokyo. You have to play the story mode of a city first. You can unlock the Endless mode of a city by completing all the levels of Story mode of that city. The Difficulty Level will gradually increase according to stages- Basic, Easy, Normal, Hard and Extreme. You need to be very smart to catch the bus at the next bus stop!


Catch The Bus” is designed beautifully with Pixel Graphics. The developer bravely paid attention to the outlook of every tiny thing in the game. The sound has also suited the game. The game is fully free in both App Store and Google Play. You can check this addictive game from the download links below. Surely it will hook some of your valuable times.

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