Action game or arcade game – which one you would love to play as a casual mobile game? Confused? Then try this two-in-one game called “Questy Quest – Endless Tapping Combat“. Developer Mighty Games brought this interesting game on both platforms – App Store and Google Play, and you can enjoy it anytime using no money!

Questy Quest is a single tap game. Your mission is to kill silly monsters by your attacks. You have to tap on the screen at the perfect time to attack successfully. In this game, neither you need making strategies to kill enemies nor scopes for sudden attacks. To give you an arcade feel, the developers keep a sliding bar on the bottom half of the screen. On the bar, a marker appears for each attack, and you have to tap on the correct place. Once you did it successfully, another marker appears, and thus the process continues till you kill the monster. But, be alert. If you miss tapping on the certain point, your enemy will hit you, and you will die instantly!

While playing, you can collect coins too. By using those coins, you can get new characters and equipment. Each equipment has different advantages like they can give you bigger spaces between two hits. You can unlock custom gear and upgrade it to make your hero better. You will also get powerful potions here which can give you various buff and boosts.

There are two different modes in this game. One is THE WILDS which is free to enter and endless. After every five battles, you will get a Campfire which is really fun! To enter in the other mode, You have to spend some coins, so the rewards will be bigger!

Visually, it’s a 2D game with cool graphics. Heroes and enemies, all are good looking and interesting. But, I have an issue that I can’t enjoy the upper action view because I have to concentrate on tapping action. So I miss all cute action animations of the upper half of the screen! This is quite unusual; otherwise, the game is okay. Background music suits the game and effect sounds are funny!

Moreover, I can say, this game is a good time killer. Everyone may not like this game because of less action feel, but arcade lovers may like it! This game is for fun on your leisure time. You can check out the game now! Just hit your Store Icon below to get the download link. This 90.3 MB game never bother your device! 😉 Happy Gaming!