Who doesn’t like claw machine? It’s fun to play, isn’t it? You can get awesome gifts from it, whatever you want! And now the good news is you can keep a cute claw machine in your pocket!! Sounds crazy? But it’s true. Developer Magic Cube brought a nice claw machine game named “Pocket Claw” on both platforms, App Store and Google Play.

“Pocket Claw” is a 2D Physics-based arcade game. Like real life claw machine games, here, your mission is to pick as many toys as you can using a crane. You can control your crane using 3 buttons – two for moving left and right, and the other one for moving down. There are 10 different types of claws in the game. All are very interesting. You can choose anyone from them, but I like the default one most.

There are lots of toys in this game. You can collect more than 150 cute toys. Each toy has a different value. You will get lots of Cubes as one of the game currency from those toys. So, try to pick more expensive toys for a bigger number of Cubes. There are 11 special prizes also. You have to collect all the toys for each machine to win special diorama bases! Every Base has different collection panel and a common Toy Box. You can store your collected toys in your collection. You can make interesting scenarios using them. Thus you can make your own dioramas and also, you can share your dioramas with friends on Facebook or Twitter! This is really exciting, isn’t it?

Visually, Pocket Claw is a 2D game with beautiful and interesting graphics. Also, it’s very easy and fun to play. Every ages people will love to play this game. And, as the game very small in size (only 79 MB), you can easily make some space for it. So, pick up your free-to-play copy from below and enjoy this cool claw machine. Happy Gaming. 🙂