Are you ready for some crazy jumps? Then check out this game review to know about this week’s featured volleyball game named “Pixel Volley“. One of the best game publisher Appsolute Games brought this awesome volleyball on App Store which is created by FM Studio. In genre, it’s an arcade-sports game with a hilarious single tap gameplay. This game is cute and funny, as well as, interesting and exciting!

Pixel Volley is a volleyball game between two teams and each team has two players. So, in this game, you are going to control two characters at once! Like the standard volleyball rules, you have to stop the ball hitting the floor. If the ball touches the floor of your side, you will get 1 point. So, you have to make your characters jump to stop the ball and throw it to your opponent’s court. Though it sounds very simple, it’s not! The developer made this game a little bit twisty by adding some obstacles which are totally absent in the real volleyball, like – the height of the net dynamically fluctuates, sometimes you may get a ball with a grinder(!!), etc.

The control system of the game is very easy. There are two separate buttons to control your characters. Just tap on the buttons to make them jump, as simple as it is! One tip is – don’t jump without reasons! Keep your characters calm to jump at the perfect time! Otherwise, if they fall, they couldn’t be able to hit the ball while needed.

Pixel Volley has more than 50 different unlockable cute characters. You can choose your favourite characters for your team. The game has multiple game modes like endless free style games, four classic tournaments with increasing level of difficulty, two different championships, etc. Besides those, you can win lots of medals and prestigious cups. You can also unlock lots of achievements. As well as, you can enjoy online leaderboards too!

Visually, it’s a 2D game with beautiful pixel arts. Nowadays, pixel graphics are very trendy for casual mobile games. And I think, this art style is perfect for this types sports game. With suitable sound effects and addictive gameplay, this game is fun and joyful. As well as, it’s a good time killer too. If you love to play sports games, then it’s a must try. Pick up your free-to-play copy from the Store Icon below. Hope you are gonna love this game! Let us know how you enjoy the beautiful Pixel Volley! Happy Gaming!