Last night, when I was checking the app store for some new arcade game, I found an interesting game on the featured game list named Orbit Rush. I downloaded it as it’s free to play and found the game very addictive! Still playing it to beat my own score!

Orbit Rush is a very simple game created by the developer Andy Drizen. He teamed up with designer David Wilson and made Orbit Rush with a very naive concept.

In Orbit Rush, there is a big orbit in the middle of some rotating small orbits. All orbits are very colourful, and as the background is very dark, the orbits look attractive. Your mission is to collect the small orbits that match with the big orbit. All you have to do is drag the middle orbit to the orbits of the same colour. If you find no matches, then tap the middle orbit to change its colour. Isn’t it fun to play with colourful orbits?

You can gather lots of points by collecting those orbits. You can earn bonus points by dragging the big one on multiple small orbits of the same colour. This game is easy to play, but it becomes harder when the orbits speed up. The orbital speed is not stable; it keeps getting quicker and quicker! Play carefully. If you touch any other colour, you will die instantly. Though the death looks nice, it’s not pleasant to die before making a high score. Surviving is the main tricks to beat the own score. Competing with friends will be more exciting, isn’t it?

You can easily keep this small game on your device; it will take a little space, only 34.0 MB. If you want to try this game, hit the Icon below, download it and start playing Orbit Rush. Don’t forget to share with us how you enjoy this game.