Sometimes some games touch the soul, “Old Man’s Journey” is one of them. It’s a storytelling puzzle-adventure game with such lovely story – story about life, love, plans, losses and hopes. It’s a story of an old man, his regrets and his soul-searching journey.

Old Man’s Journey is a travel-based puzzle game where the main character is an old man. The game starts with a letter brought by a postman that makes the old man worried. Maybe some bad news or anything else comes with the message. Without wasting any time, the old man starts his journey grabbing some necessary things in his bag. Holding a stick in his hand, he begins his long way adventure alone. Doesn’t matter how many trouble the old man has to face! His aim is one – just reach the destination successfully!

The game tells a very heart-touching story of the old man’s life. Without a single line of dialogue, his story reached us only by images that come into the game as memories. On the way, every lovely view reminds the old man his past that he lived in his early ages. Those memories are so lively that make you emotional. The way how he reminisces his beautiful red-haired sweetheart is really touchy. He can remember every step of his happy life – how he met his lover at a party, and they started loving each other! Their love continues even on a bus roof – such a romantic memory! His unforgettable moments reminds how he surprised his girl with a river cruise, their marriage and their little daughter. How he missed his wife when he was far from her for work and how he passed his time only watching his wife’s picture, all come in front of his eyes.

The story runs parallelly with the man’s journey. The path is not so easy that he reached his destination easily. He has to solve little puzzles to make his way smooth. The hilly areas are not so comfortable for the old man. He travels by truck, train, boat, ships and the maximum time he has to go by walking. Sometimes he gets really very tired, but he never stops for a while. At the end of the game, we can get the point why the man has so hurry, and that make the story really emotional. He travels a long, tough path only to see his wife who is very sick, but it’s really glad that he can say his beloved wife goodbye at her deathbed.

Storywise, the game is pure, heartbreaking and emotive. But, we can’t ignore the awesomeness of the game that with no voice and no text, the game tells us the complete story perfectly by images only, and make every player emotional more or less. All images came with fine art that expresses everything to feel the story. The sounds and music are composed amazingly that hooks you in the game till the end.

The game style is so well done and gorgeous. Here, you can change the landscape to make a perfect path! Isn’t it so exciting? Though this is the puzzle here, it is so pressure-free and lighthearted. In this game, all environment are enjoyable. You can change the position of hills, can fix the train line and many more interesting things. Also, there is a breathtaking journey with waterfalls which are really tough for the greybeard!

The game graphics is outstanding! Every tiny detail is visible in the gorgeous environment. The animation is so realistic that you may lose in them. How the old lady shut down the window and again open it with a screaming voice! She is really angry because of the disturbance!! Even the cat or dog are also very adorable and affectionate. Some animations that are not connected with the game but remains in the game to make it more realistic are really done their job. The little boy on the door, the musician who is playing guitar, the two people who are gossiping, the fisherman who is sitting beside the Riverside, all of them just make the environment beautiful. The scene of the fisherman is so awesome that I wish I could sit there beside the fisherman to enjoy the moments. The journey on the boat, train everything is just amazing. The developer “Broken Rules” doesn’t even forget to make the Birdcage lively or the Radio playable though there is no need of them in the game! The Lighthouse, the Bell, everything makes the game fantastic.

Old Man’s Journey is a wonderful game. How much I express things about the game, it’s less. It’s an incredible game; it’s a game to feel. Don’t miss to play it once at least. You need maximum 90 t0 100 minutes to play the whole game and 1.26 GB free space in your device storage. Though to taste the awesomeness of this game, you need to spend $4.99 USD, it’s worth to spend money on this game, I assure you. You can find the game both on App Store and Google Play. You can also play it on Steam. So, don’t think anymore, just hit your Store Icon below and enjoy the story as well as the adventurous journey.