If you love Golf Games and want to enjoy Golf in a green natural environment, but don’t get any chance, then it’s can be a good news for you. OK Golf is a new classic Golf Game in Arcade Genre arrived on App Store by the Developer Okidokico Entertainment this February. Though it’s a Casual Mobile Game, you will feel the real Golf because of it’s beautiful and gorgeous environment and gameplay.

OK Golf is a simple Golf Game with naive gameplay and easy controls. It features the basic rules of a realistic Golf game -Your mission is to shoot the ball into the target. There is no disturbance of the wind, no worry about the right type of bat. You can control the game with one finger only. Just drag the ball, fix the target, and release to shoot. When you fix the target, the preview is pretty accurate that you can quickly reach your aim. As the game rendered 3D dioramas, you can rotate the view with touches around the ball. At the beginning, you may get confused to figure out how it works. But after 2/3 attempt, you will be familiar with the controls.

As a simple arcade game, OK Golf is very straight forward, not so challenging. It features three types of game modeFree Play, Championship and Time mode. All are interesting and exciting. You only need $2.99 and a device of iPhone 7 or later version, and you can play a quick round anywhere. You have to buy the game once; there are no in-app purchases inside the game.

Playing the game in portrait mode is also good enough. It does not look like other mobile golf game or mini golf game. OK Golf has a very realistic low poly graphics with four different courses of the different environment – Long Lake Country, Georgia, USA; Desert Canyon, Arizona, USA; Tsukimi Garden, Kyoto, Japan; Pahoehoe Ridge, Hawaii, USA. All locations are gorgeous and very iconic. Some other courses will be added soon in this game.

The soundtrack of the game is very soothing and relaxing. Natural sounds with Bird’s tweet is kept the mind calm. The effect sound matches the game which is also moderate.

The game is addictive. After completing one level, you will love to play the next one. OK Golf is perfect for all ages people. It;s easy to play and no worries of going a golf club. If you love what you read and wanna try it, just hit the icon below, download this 313.46 MB game on your iOS and enjoy the Golf in your free time.