Playing “Monument Valley” is the most wonderful experience for the casual mobile gamers! It was 2014’s top selling mobile game. So, for the Monument Valley lovers, releasing of its sequel “Monument Valley2” was almost a heart-breathing news! Though the sequel has no episode connection to the original game, it is as beautiful as the 1st one.

Monument Valley 2 has its own awesomeness. It has a full similarity on thematic elements and graphics with the previous game, but the new one comes with a surprise of storytelling. In Monument Valley 2, you will introduce with a woman named Ro who has a pretty daughter. It’s a game with a beautiful tale of a mother-daughter. The developer usTwo Games impressively designed this game where you must be amazed to feel the story. The way of describing the nature of life like – the growing of a child and the motherhood completely touch the hearts. It’s a shadow of let you know that how to let children learning to stand on their own.

The gameplay is as similar as its forebear. As it’s a brilliant puzzle game, you have to solve a little mystery to make your path. In a different way, I can say it’s a beautiful journey of exploration in buildings. Unlike the original one, there is no enemy character in this game like Crows. Your only mission is to create walkways by rotating or swiping levers. Or, sometimes, you have to move some moveable paths to make a perfect route.

In this game, you are controlling two characters at once. So, you have to concentrate a lot on visual perception. It’s a big twist for those who played the original game! But this time, the developer keep it as a mild puzzler. As well as, this time the game is too small which is quite disappointing. But not too much. Because what you will get is worth every money you spend. In one word, I can say, it is a gorgeous game overall.

Graphically it’s a 3D game with flat pastel colours. Like before, the developer used Maurits Cornelis Escher (commonly known as M. C. Escher) style. It’s a 2D illusion that creates impossible 3D spaces. This game is definitely incredible with minimal isometric art. The soundtrack is too dramatic that gives you creepy feelings while playing. Overall it’s a fantastic experience to play this game.

Moreover, I will suggest you this game to play. If you have some budget to try out premier games, then it’s a must play. You can finish this game in a single sitting. So, experience this incredible puzzle game and feel some awesomeness of casual games. Happy gaming!