I always love to play Casual Games and keep searching for a new one. Recently I have found a very cute and colourful action-arcade game named Missileman. It’s a fast-paced shooting game in 2D vertical scrolling. A Japanese independent video game developer Game or Die was making this speedy shooter from the March of 2016, and after 10 months, at the end of January, they released it on App Store with the Publisher Shinnosuke Ohashi. And in between 3 weeks, this game got 42 thousand downloads worldwide!

Missileman is very exciting and high-speed shooting game where you are controlling a character who is flying in a rocket and killing enemies by missiles. This missile man is really cute that you love to drive him. You have to use both hands to play Missileman. Put your two fingers on the screen – one to control the direction of your character and other to fire the missile. You have to hold your tap and slide your finger to control the movement; And remember, don’t lift your controlling finger while your other finger will touch the screen to fire. Sound’s tough? Don’t worry. The control is not hard at all. Play the Tutorial in the game first for being comfortable with it.

In Missileman, you will get 3 Hearts as extra life which means if you die, you will get another chance to play again from the same position so far as you have at least one heart. You have to cross a roughly narrow and hilly path with full of enemy carriages. You have to save your missile man from those enemies and also from steep walls. The game has 4 world with 16 levels generated procedurally and each world has a Unique Boss. Though these fights are relly exciting and entertaining, you have to be very quick and attentive to survive in this game. So, make a good strategy and show your skill as a missile man.

By shooting enemies and destroying bosses, you can earn Points and EXP. Those will make you levelled up quickly. You can upgrade your missile by Upgrading Missile’s Shot, Backup Missile and Sheild. By improving Shot, you can increase the shooting speed. You can increase the number of backup missiles, reduce the recharge time of Sheild and also heal one life by upgrading the Missile.

Missileman is a premium casual game, and you have to spend $2.99, but you love action games and wanna try a new one, then money doesn’t matter so much, right? As you have to buy this game with real money, there is no more in-app purchases or banner inside the game. The developer claims that this game is graphically designed for iPhone and iPad, but it might be release on PC or Mac! Sorrowful for Android users. But who has a chance to try it, don’t waste your time anymore! If you want to play this challenging roguelike vertical shooter, just hit the Icon below to download Missileman and enjoy this super missile action!