I was dying to try out a new puzzle game for a couple of days. After lots of hovering through the play store, downloading and installing games, getting bored of many and uninstalling, I finally came across this mysterious looking game in the ‘recommended‘ section. And after installing it, I was amazed! It has been like two months since it released; why didn’t I find it before!!

The main reason is that the Ukranian developer uaJoyTech is not that famous enough, and they have hardly released three games only, and they do not have any active webpage yet. But this game is amazing, and I’m sure they will soon shine bright and find their way out in becoming a well-known developing team. Which takes us to the actual theme of their amazing game named “Maze Dungeon“.

The unique gameplay and surrounding of this game are simply stunning. You will find yourself trapped in a mysterious dark maze; you are a glowing cube in it. You can move around the dark maze and find your way out. It is powered up with an inner glow with energy; that helps you see the slightest part of the maze walls around you. The number of steps you can take before discharging is shown above the cube.


You need to find your way out to complete the level. There are many power-ups hidden in the darkest paths, which you need to find and get. By collecting the energy crystals you can re-energize and move on.

Basic Rules of the Game:

  • Use swipe or tap on buttons to control the glowing cube, specifying direction.
  • Cube changes colour depending on the colour of power-up you collect.
  • You can walk through the door, only if the cube is same coloured as the door.
  • Glowing cube discharges gradually, you need to pick up energy crystals to keep it moving.

Did you like what you read? You can download and try out this amazing game for free on Google Play following the link below-play-store-icon-21