Who doesn’t want to remind their cute little childhood! Can you remember, when we were kids, we love to play pair-matching puzzle games? We had to open boxes to match pairs, but we couldn’t open more than 2 boxes at once! If the two didn’t match, both boxes got closed again! Ohh! I already start missing my childhood, are you?

This week, I got a game like those games. If you want to go back your early life, then this game is the perfect one! I’m talking about the new puzzle game named “Mahjong Trails Match” that featured on the App Store this week. Developer MegaZebra, the creator of Mahjong Trails, the world’s most popular mahjong game, brought this classic game with a modern twist and a little bit different pattern.

In this game, you can travel across the majestic Sky Isles with a little bunny Tilly. You have to help her to rescue her woodland friends from the villainous Owl Singe in this adventure! The game has lots of unique levels to play. The gameplay is so simple that you are gonna love this game surely. All you have to do is to match pairs of various designed tiles like flowers, fruits, birds, etc. Just tap on the same designed tiles consecutively to make a pair and vanish them. But be attentive. There are some layers of tiles. You can’t break lower tiles or middle tiles before disappearing the upper tiles or corners.

The main challenge of this game is time. You get a limited time to complete each level. Once your time is over before clear all the tiles or completing the given tasks, your game will be over!But if you get out of time, you can continue the game by watching ads or using some Gold Coins (game currency). This will give you an extra minute to complete the game.

The game has so many power-ups that will help you to complete the level faster. Hammer, Time-Freezer, Reshuffle, Magic Wand, Etc will help you a lot. Don’t forget about the “Lives”. You need “Life” to play any level. Though Lives will increase with times, you can Ask Friends or Refill with Gold Coins.

Graphically, the game has a very charming look. 2D visuality and attractive colours make the game really gorgeous. And the light background soundtrack and interesting effect music make the game addictive.

One more interesting thing about this game that you can invite your friends to play together and compete. This game is available on App Store, and you can get your Free-to-Play copy from the Store Icon below. Mahjong Trails Match will give you a perfect fun for sure. Must try this game and don’t forget to share your experience with us.