If you are an arcade game lover, then you might play various types of casual arcade games with different types of controls. What is your favourite control system to play those games? Tapping? Swiping? Or, do you love to tilt your device to control your characters? Well, these all are standard and basic, right? Can you imagine something different than these? What about Drawing?!!

None other than Ketchapp brought a unique game called “Loop” where you have to draw to remove obstacles! Isn’t it fun? This interesting game is developed by Hypnocat Studio. So are you good at drawing? If you are not, then learn here! 😜

Loop is very simple as an arcade game. In this game, you have to clear path for a non-stop rolling ball. There are lots of obstacle bars on the way, each showing a symbol. All you have to do is copy that symbol, that’s it! Draw the symbol anywhere on the screen to remove that obstacle. If you draw correctly, the obstacle will vanish. Thus you have to make a barrier-less path and keep the ball rolling.

If the ball hit an obstacle, your game will be over. There is no other way to overcome those barriers except drawing. Remember, some barrier has 2 or 3 symbols to destroy them. So, you have to play quickly there. All obstacles are locked in this game. Once you unlock one, the another will be unlocked and show you its destroying symbol. Be careful while playing. Sometimes you may have to remove 2nd obstacles to unlock the 1st one!!

Loop looks like a ball bouncing game, but this game comes with the twist of remove barriers by drawing symbol. It is fun to play! And, some power-ups make the game more exciting! You can collect lots of coins also to unlock new characters. There are lots of hidden characters in the game shop. And you will get lots of gifts and prizes too.

Graphically, Loop is very simple with 2D visuality. On the white background, colourful platforms look amazing. And different designed balls are also very gorgeous. Sounds are also well and rhythmic. As a package, this game is amusing!

I suggest you try this fun game when you are free. Like Ketchapp’s other games, it is also a free-to-play game on both platforms, App Store and Google Play. The game has a small size, only 102 MB. So, you can easily download it. For your quick start, I attached the download links below. So, enjoy your time with Loop and don’t forget to share your score with us! Happy gaming!