As a puzzle lover, I always keep searching for new Puzzle Games, and whenever I found a puzzle with a minimalist aesthetic, I just become addicted to it. Recently I found a fantastic puzzler named “linq – Minimal and Aesthetic Puzzle” on App Store. Since then this lazy puzzler hooked all my leisure time, and I am just playing and playing and trying to solve this simple but really hard puzzle game.

linq – Minimal and Aesthetic Puzzle” is a challenging puzzle game which is tough to play as well as tough to leave. The basic gameplay is based on a simple concept. There is some mazy path connected with two type of nodes – filled nodes and empty nodes. All you need to do that you have to make a smooth path by connecting these nodes without any split which will start from a filled node and also finished on a filled node. Sounds easy? Never think about that! It’s a fun game but not that easy! You will understand on your own while playing. Remember two things – you never use the same node twice, and you never left any node unused! Now it feels challenging, right? Don’t worry. Think wisely and make the perfect path with the simple swiping control.

This minimal game is never let you go anywhere without solving. It’s a level base addictive game. It has 60 amazing handcrafted levels which are designed very carefully. If you solve a level somehow, the more challenging levels will come. There are 3 sections with 20 levels each and condition changes for different sections but the basic rule is same. Besides these beautiful levels, the game also features some user-friendly advantages like Leaderboard, Achievements, No In-App Purchases, No ads and also a Clean User Interface. The developer “Gri Games” smartly choose the graphics and sounds according to the game theme. It’s minimal and aesthetic visuality never irritates to pay attention to solving the maze. The soundtrack also makes the mind relaxing.

If you love to play Puzzle games, I think you should try this once at least. Though the game is not free, you have to spend $0.99, but it’s worth every penny. If you decided to play it, just hit the button given below to download and start playing. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.