When a huge amount of Runner Games or Puzzle Games are available in various stores, a unique style game is perfect to change the taste, right? And, guess what! You can try out a very different game that you never played before! One of the most popular game publisher Noodlecake Studios brought an incredible game for both iOS and Android users. I am talking about the new game named “Leap On!” which is got featured this week on App Store. Developer Flying Pants Games is the creator of this unique game!

Leap On! is a one touch arcade game with non-stop action! In this game, you will control a cute little white orb which is connected with a black centre. Many other orbs will be scattered here and there around the centre. Your mission is to collect points by hitting those orbs. But don’t hit anything black, not even the centre. Otherwise, your game will be over.

As your orb is automatically leaps and bounces while falling towards the centre, you have to tap and hold the screen to rotate your orb and release the screen to stop rotation. Your orb can only rotate clockwise. Thus you have to survive and collect points.

Your every single crash will make a point. Your score multiplier increases when you complete a full circular rotation. More than these, you can grab lots of power-ups to earn more points. There are different types of exciting power ups which make the game more joyful. I found seven power-ups till now and secured 365 points, but much more to go as the game is too much addictive.

The “Game Feel” is just awesome. With a very minimal look and 2D visuality, the game is perfect. The concept, the game design, the colours, even the rhythms, everything is on point! Moreover, I can say, Noodlecake Studio didn’t disappoint their fans, rather increase their fan base by this amazing creation. I highly recommend you to play this game. It’s a free-to-play game, and the size of the game is very small (89.4 MB). I linked up the download links of both stores below for your quick start! Hope you will enjoy the game as much as I’m enjoying! Happy Gaming! 😉