A few month ago, when I played “Canyon Crush” of QuickByte Games, I was so amused that I had to visit the developer’s website to know about them. I loved that game very much; actually, still, it always remains on my mind. So, I decided, whenever I will get new games from that developers, I will never hesitate to check them out, just like I did this time! Got a new game from QuickByte Games named “Laps – Fuse” and really like it because it’s too much addictive! 😃

Laps – Fuse is a game which may remind you Ketchapp‘s popular game 2048. But, on the other hand, I can say, it’s a kind of match-3 game with a twist. Overall, it’s a fantastic puzzle game that everyone will love to play. Let’s discuss the gameplay.

Laps – Fuse has a unique match and merge gameplay. Though it’s unique, it’s very simple one tap game. In this game, there is a circular grid and some rotating orbs around the grid. Each orb carries a particular numeric value. You have to shoot those number orbs into the circular grid to match 3 or more orbs of the same value. If you place them together, they’ll combine and make an orb that has double value than the previous. You’ve got a certain amount of time to put them in a perfect slot. So, you need lots of concentration and a sharp brain to play this brilliant puzzle.

In this game, once you place an orb, then the another one appears. Your ultimate goal is to collect lots of points. More time you play, more points you get. But, the only barrier in this game is a limited number of slots. If you fill all the slots with different-valued orbs, they couldn’t be merged. So, there will be no space for new orbs, and your game will be over. On the other hand, if orbs merged, the new one will take place toward the centre, so that you can easily put new orbs on the free slots.

The rotating speed of those orbs is moderately quick enough. So, you have to play it skillfully. Lots of practice can make you master in this game!! Once you get the pattern of the game, you can toss the unwanted orbs by tapping them when there is no empty slot beside that orb. It makes the game easier for you and you can collect good scores before the time run out. And, one thing I shouldn’t skip that if you make combos, you will get some extra times and more scores! Sounds great, isn’t it?

Laps – Fuse is a level-based game. Harder levels will be unlocked if you complete comparatively easier ones. You can also unlock the Endless mode and connect forever by levelling up! It’s more exciting, I must say!

Visually, it’s a 2D game. Graphics are well and colourful. Music is good but I think it could have been more interesting! But overall it is a perfect and really unique puzzler. As it is free to download on both App Store and Google Play, you can download it anytime to enjoy. The download links are given here also, just hit your Store Icon! I can suggest you that play the game with your friends to compete with each other. But, it’s not that bad to beat own high-score, right? So, you can make this brilliant game your leisure time buddy too! Don’t forget to share your experience with us. Happy Gaming! 🙂