After the enormous popularity of 2013’s puzzle game KAMI on both App Store and Google Play, its creator State of Play Games brought its sequel KAMI 2 with new twists and more addictiveness!

is a wonderful creation of the developers with a simple but unique concept. The mission is to fold out coloured paper to fill the screen in as few moves as possible. Kami 2 came with the same concept but with more exciting features. Interestingly you can play this new one absolutely free where the 1st one is still premium which you have to buy with $2.99 on App Store!

The mission of Kami 2 is as same as Kami. If you are not familiar with the old one, then let me tell you the gameplay. When you start a puzzle, there is a page full of different colours. Your target is to fill the whole page with a colour by unfolding all coloured papers. You have to choose a colour from the right side of the screen and then tap an area to make it that colour. It’s easy to capture the gameplay but really difficult to solve those puzzles. The biggest challenge is the limited number of moves which is showing on the bottom left of the screen.

Kami 2 has 3 game modesJourney, Daily and Explore. The core gameplay is same in these modes but not the difficulty level. In Journey Mode, you can gather perfect scores on all puzzles of 9 different type of levels each 2 page named Grasshopper, Apprentice, Adept, Guru, Master, Sage, Elder, Zen Master and Perfectionist! I found the Daily Mode really hard to solve. Here, you will also meet 9 different type of levels each with a different name and a different number of challenges. Challenger (3), Tyro (6), Defier (10), Defeater (15), Champion (20), Hero (25), Vanquisher (30), Conqueror (40), Legend (50) – these are the types and the number of daily challenges you have to solve.

In Explore Mode, you will find the interesting puzzle made by users like you! You can also create mazes to add them in this section. Isn’t is so exciting?! This mode is also challenging with 9 types of challenge where you have to solve a given number of User Made Puzzles like – Wanderer ( 5), Rambler (10), Tinkerer (20), Traveller (30), Wayfarer (50), Explorer (75), Voyager (100), Pioneer (150) and Globetrotter (200). You can play here with the most popular puzzles or with the newest puzzles. You can also add puzzles on your favourite list which one you love.

Player Creations are awesome, I must say. When you craft your own designed puzzle, you can use Classic colours or Special colours. Classic colours are unlockable. But the Special colours are premium! As the game is free to download, there are some In-app-purchase which are entirely optional like Special colours or Hints. Yes! You can use Hints when you stuck on any level. The 1st Hint is free, but then you can buy Hint packs!

Kami 2 has very colourful minimal graphics with paper crafting sounds. It features over 100 hand-crafted puzzles which you have to solve with logic, tricks and skill. As an addition, you can beat the global Daily Challenge, earn a winning streak and compare your scores to other players. All I can say, it’s a package of relaxing and entertainment for a puzzle lover. If you didn’t taste it before and wanna have a try, just hit the button bellow, download and start playing Kami 2.