Can you remember the snake game? The most prominent game, Snake first appeared in 1997 on the Nokia 6610. We estimate that Nokia shipped over 400 million copies since, and it’s now in its eighth version; quite unimaginable for a game that started its journey with a pixelated binary theme. After snake, there were so many games we played. Some of them are still fresh in our memories, and some faded away over time. How can a 90’s game become ageless in such a way, that we remake them back to back in every way possible? Well, apparently the gameplay and the graphics both matter a lot. With the ever-changing technologies, we have played many amazing games. Let’s see how the graphics design concept changes over time in case of casual games.

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Retro Style:

Retro games have an undeniable magnetism. It delivers a sense of nostalgia even if we’ve never played that title before. Blocky, old school graphics and simple game play rule the day, but only the absence of high-quality graphics forced us to use our imaginations more.

After the enormous popularity of Super Mario, Pong, PAC-MAN– retro style designing till holding its crave among game designers. Casual games like Double Dragon, Final Fantasy, Sonic CD are the upgraded version of retro style game play. If you like 2D or 3D games this vintage style can’t seek your attention, but still retro designing holds its charm.

Flat top/ Minimalistic design:

Too many details distract the mind pretty often! Game design today focuses on limited but vibrant colours, geometric shapes, and a dramatic lack of detailing; which engages the audience deeply by emphasising simplicity rather than complexity.

But the lack of complexity doesn’t mean the game can’t be challenging! We have seen many successful games that prove that minimalism and traditional gaming philosophies can coexist beautifully. Flat top or minimalistic design games like Stack, The pit, Cube jump, Color Switch are in trend now, as well as the most downloaded games. Not only for the brilliant yet simple gameplay but also for the soothing graphics, simple fonts, even catchy soundtracks. We do not get too engaged with them, but we surely enjoy them a lot!

Isometric design:

Isometric graphics is a slightly oblique view having a top-down perspective. It has been one of the best graphics choices for many years. It is also called 2.5D or pseudo 3D. Static and isometric maps are used in strategy and RPGs mostly. It allows the developers to create games with splendid, defined visual effects; and most of these games have aged well.

The use of isometric design appeared with Sega‘s Zaxxon released in 1982. Following this trend sequentially many games were released, such as Q*bert, Marble Madness, etc.  Blue Max, Ant attack were games for computers using the isometric theme. The release of Knight Lore regarded as a revolutionary title. So the concept of the isometric idea is not new in the game designing market. And now have so many high definitions mobile games like Chameleon run, Clash of clans, Farm-Ville, hay-day these are the well known isometric games of this generation.

A game is a story that a designer tells and the developer gives it life. The idea of game designing has changed a lot over time; but from the beginning, we have been using many tools to build our required assets and gaming environment. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Inkscape are the most favourite tools since the time people started designing their resources without coding. It is a great opportunity for the designers to add more spice in this sector and begin a new trend of graphics design for casual games.

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