Can you remember the most badass driving game Hill Climb Racing where we have to drive an almost unstable vehicle with a soft necked (!) driver Mr Newton Bill on some messy and hilly roads? It was a hugely populated game of 2012-2013 when Fingersoft game studio brought it on both App Store and Google play. I can remember how I passed my every boring class playing this. Though the game’s name mention “Racing”, there was no race in the gameplay. My friends and I were usually playing it as a competition like who can make the best score or can survive the longest distance! The game was awesome as well as we spend some memorable moments with that arcade game!

There are thousands of folks out there who have similar memories. To reminisce those moments again, Fingersoft brought its sequel “Hill Climb Racing 2” where the actual racing is highlighted which was missing in the 1st one.

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The basic game is as same as the previous one – same control, same gameplay. You have to drive across the hills collecting Coins and Fuels. Controlling two reverse gears with two hand is not easy; You have to play very carefully. You can’t drive too fast that your vehicle flips away and break your driver’s neck! And you can’t drive too slow; Otherwise, you’ll run out of fuel!


Hill Climb Racing has many options to drive in different environments with different vehicles, but here, in the sequel version, there is only four area to adventure that you can unlock with coins – countryside, Forest, City and Mountain; and the paths are harder with full of obstacles, I must say. ?


Variation of vehicles is also limited, only six vehiclesJeep, Scooter, Superjeep, Motocross, Sports Car and Monster Truck. Only the Jeep is free for you when you start playing. Others are unlockable by collecting Medals. You can change the colour and wheels of your vehicles totally free, but you have to upgrade your vehicles parts using coins. Though you can play the whole game without upgrading them, it will be more fun to make the vehicles updated and play with a higher speed.


Interestingly, you can configure Mr Bill also! Different face’s head, body, legs and colourful hats are available. New varieties will be according to your progress!


This sequel has both Endless Driving and Racing Modes. You can choose the Regular Adventure Mode or the Cup Mode to race with others. You can race with random racer globally. And you can also connect with friends by connecting Facebook and challenge them daily and weekly! Isn’t it so exciting!!


The Cup mode is too addicting to play because it is full of rewards. You will find here daily rewards, free rewards that unlocked after a certain time, reward that you earned by win races. You will get lots of coins and gems from these rewards. You need to achieve Medals by win races for unlocking vehicles. There is a leader board called “World Cup Points” which will show you your position on global, local and friends section. You can buy Gems using USD and Coins using Gems from the Shop!

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Hill Climb Racing 2 to has better graphics and higher functional quality; Roads are more challenging than the previous one! Though that was famous for its simplicity, the new one is full of features. When you start playing this super fun game, you will forget other things for sure. It is the most addictive physics-based arcade racer game which is completely free to play! So, what are you waiting for?!!! Download Hill Climb Racing 2 and enter into the adventure and start racing to win. The download links are below for you!

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