As a casual gamer and a casual game review writer, I always try to pull positive things from casual games. And, who are regular guests of our blog know how much I love Ketchapp games. But this time, seriously I am coming with a negative review of a new game which is brought by my favourite game studio Ketchapp. I am feeling sorry that I found the game really frustrating.

I am talking about Ketchapp’s new game “Helix” which is developed by Armnomads. As a fan, I regularly keep checking ketchapp’s website and social media pages to grab their new games. So, this morning I visited their page and found Helix. At the beginning, I was very excited to get the new one and started playing the game with same excitement. But, all my cheerfulness had just gone after some time when I didn’t make a score more than 6 where I played it almost an hour! I was so confused by thinking that am I the only rubbish player who earn such poor scores after nearly 100 attempts!

Visually, the game is beautiful and minimalist. If you love sliding games, you may like this game. In this game, a ball is sliding down on a spiral platform, and you have to jump to avoid obstacles. As a simple one tap game, it looks relaxing also. But, gameplay wise, it is not relaxing, sorry to say. I have some other issues also. Some views are not clear properly. Well, a sliding game is fun, but if a game can’t give you the happiness of good scoring or a little bit success, then what is the purpose of playing a game! I mean, bit by bit it becomes annoying, isn’t it?

I have doubt that is this game really playable? Did the developer check out all the level designs perfectly before releasing this game? I know these questions are entirely valueless! Because when a game took places on stores, of course, it has the quality to be there. And, I can understand that Helix has only hard gameplay. But, to me, the game is totally uncomfortable. And, my unhappiness increases when I watched 3 gameplay videos on YouTube where the player’s situations are as similar as mine!

I didn’t like the scoring system too. I cross too many obstacles like spikes, fleeting balls, hidden jumpers, sudden shooters, etc. But, the point counts only how many rotations I completed. This is unfair, isn’t it?

The only cuteness I found in the game is Characters. The game has almost 30 interesting characters which are unlockable by game currency. But, you need to play first to check out those characters because you can collect coins only while playing.

In the end, I want to say, that everyone’s taste is not same. I didn’t find fun in this game, it doesn’t mean, it’s annoying for everyone. If I could able to make some more points, it might be one of my favourite games. So, I attached the download links of both Stores below for you. As it is a free-to-play game, so you can check it out yourself. But, please, don’t forget to share your experience and scores with us. All the best!!