If you love to play super minimal casual games, then Ketchapp games should be your first choice! Ask why? Because only Ketchapp can give you simple but too much addictive games almost every week without any cost. It doesn’t matter do their games get featured on the App Store or not! Or, could they secure any place on Editor’s Choice list! Ketchapp is famous for their quality works, perfect outputs, and exciting games. And, now Ketchapp has an enormous amount of fans like me. So, unlike all times, they didn’t disappoint their fans this time and released a very minimal but interesting game named “Hazy Race“.

“Hazy Race” is an Endless journey of a Bunny through a foggy environment. Your mission is simple – how far you can go into the horizon! As the game is too minimal in look, it has only two elements to introduce. One is your character which is a pure black bunny, and the other one is the platforms where you have to land.

In this game, your bunny is an Auto-bouncer and has no idea where to land! So you have to guide him to land on the black slides. Your path is very foggy, so you have to play carefully. Once your bunny missed landing on an island, it will die instantly! That means your game is over!

The control of the game is very simple and easy. Just your single tap can save him from death! Tap anywhere on the screen to throw down the naughty bunny on the black platform and land him. But as he jumps automatically, you have to place him again without wasting too much times. So, you may understand that it’s a little fast paced game. You need to tap quickly and perfectly.

Though the game doesn’t have many features or challenges, it is addictive. And slamming your Bunny is not less challenging I must say! It’s a race, race with yourself! You can take a challenge to beat your high score! Or you can race with your buddies too. Surely, it will be fun more than enough.

While playing, you can collect lots of white Diamonds as game currency which will help you to unlock other characters. There are 30 different characters in the shop. You can choose any of them to bounce into the horizon.

As I said before that it’s a minimalist game, there is nothing much to discuss graphics. Visually, it’s a 2D game with flat colours. Simple background and other elements didn’t harm its elegance. I found the music track well-affected enough with the gameplay. Moreover, the game is cheerful, a full package of fun.

Developer Mamau Games did a great job of making this graceful game. They perfectly have done their work with the game feel and create something soothing and fascinating. This game is free-to-play on both App Store and Google Play; you can check it out at any time. The size of the game is only 88.5 MB which will take a very small portion of your device storage. So, have a try “Hazy Race” and let us know your experience of this beautiful arcade journey.