What would you do if a Combine Harvester suddenly started chasing you in your own farm?

Probably run, or dive to one side from another and hope for the best. Harvest is a game where this happens indeed!!

Harvest is a farming Sims kind of game blended with more action-oriented game-play presented by Studio Zero which is originally born from a simple Flash game called Four Second Firestorm back on 2006.


This game is based around the simple concept of farming that combines with endless runner game-play. All you have to escape from lane to lane picking up crops, jumping over obstacles and dashing to stay ahead of the deadly harvester that wants to shear you down!! Each run will end with you just being bumped by it; where nobody literally dies, but it’s still scary!!


Harvest promises so many exciting challenges to complete. More than 30 unlock-able unique characters and a wide diversity of environments to build out your farm (and of course run from the giant death machine). It’s also focused to be a highly obtainable title with a colorblind mode, an optional screen shakes effect, and the option to be running either left to right like most runners or vice versa.


Moreover, Harvest isn’t just about continual running; you’ll use your coins to build up your farm. You can also unlock new crops, along with upgrading them. So you can have the essence of farming along with an endless runner game. You can download this fun and challenging game from the link below. Don’t forget to comment and let us how you feel about this game.