On our last article, we reviewed a word puzzle game named Typeshift. Hope you liked it and the Tips & Tricks of the game also helped you. Though the game is quite impressive, it’s little harsh to play as well as not relaxing. You may need a lot of attentions and brain works to play it. And now it’s time to enjoy a cute game. So this time I come with a superfluous fun game named HARDWAY.

HARDWAY is an Endless road building game made by Digital Melody Games. But it’s not like typical games that build road. The game came with a brand new mechanics as well as a unique game environment. In this game, there are some beautiful islands which you have to connect by building roads that your car can easily visit all the islands. You have to create paths from left or right side. When you tap and hold the screen, a sliding road start rotating from the side you tap. When you release your finger from the screen, the road stops turning, and your car arrives on your newly built road to visit the new island. So, you may understand that if you release your tap out of the island, your car falls in the water, right?And if so, it will be an instant death of the game which means GAMEOVER!

Hardway is a new style arcade game which is pretty fast. You can track your favourite car and drive through unique worlds avoiding different obstacles like moving islands, towers, cranes, lighthouses or monsters. There are 8 different worlds like Greenland, Icylandand, etc. and some bonus stages, all with special soundtracks! You can get 32 unlockable cars that you can buy from the Shop. Cars have particular types and interesting names like – Boxy Truck, Ambulance, DM Van, Fire Fighter, Cosy Car, Delivery Van, Garbage Truck, Heavy Wheel, Camper, Apo Family, Space Cop, Trooper, Hot Cosmo, Buggy, Panzer car, Spacy, Pickup, Big Foot, Oil Truck, Rusty, Muscle Car, Mixer, Tanky, Army Truck, Bus, Gray Oldy, Ferara, Dumper, Dmm, Pizza, Cart, Hot Dog, etc. Each car has different challenges. As well as you can also unlock 32 lovely stamps for car challenges! All things are unlocked by Coins that you collect during your tough journey. You can also get coins by Daily rewards, Free Suitcase, or Watching Ads.

Hardway is such an unusual name, isn’t it? But you may feel how the game will be by the name – HARD WAY! The paths will be hard to drive your car. Let’s experience by yourself. Download this colourful game from the icons below to play. Don’t forget to share your experience with us!