Some games are too hard to win, but we can’t stop to love them. Same feeling goes for Geometry Dash, an incredible game for some casual game lovers, but it became one of the best game in the gaming industry. This highly popular game is back one more time with new challenges named Geometry Dash World.

Geometry Dash World features many new additions – new levels, new music, new monsters, etc. It has Two Exclusive WorldsDashlands and Toxic Factory; Each contains Five Levels. One good news is Geometry Dash World is not an Endless Runner! YES!! It’s a Level-based Runner Game. Once you complete the 100% of a level, you don’t need to play it again. You can move forward to the next level. After complete a world, you can enter into the next world.


Though the game is based on a simple jump to survive concept, the game is not that simple actually. Every level adds new constraints. You need to think a lot before tap to jump. But you don’t have a lot of times. Your challenge is to jump over the deadly obstacles while you are moving at insanely high speeds. It is an addicting quick game where you will run fast, fly and flip with new monsters and soundtracks.


There are plenty of Characters that you can customise with colours. You can unlock new shapes and colours. Unlimited features will make you mad in this crazy world. Playing online levels created by the Geometry Dash community, daily quests, earning rewards, etc. are really exciting. The colour concept of using vivid neon colours on the dark background is fantastic.


This expansion version is also a Rhythm-based Action Platforming game just like the original one which was famous for its unique soundtrack. Using headphones may the best way to enjoy the background music.


The Sweden-based developer and publisher RobTop Games finely maintained the quality of the game. Geometry Dash World is harder I must say. Levels are unique and almost impossible to pass. This simple one tap ga will make you crazy to win. Geometry Dash World is available on both App Store and Google Play. Download links are given bellow for your start your journey in this mad world.

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