Float by Galactic Thumb- With Exclusive Gameplay Video!



I tend to restrain myself from writing game reviews nowadays, as my team has gotten excellent at it. I tend to focus my energy on learning game designs and polishing our games. However, recently two games made me want to write ‘Game Reviews’. First is Missileman by Shinnosuke Ohashi, boy that game has taken ‘Game Feel’ to a different level. Also, now Float by GalacticThumb.

Yesterday, I saw a post by my good friend Parag on Touch Arcade Forum about this new game. Saw the video- and was immediately impressed. So asked him for promo codes and 15 minutes later all of Gameover Studio were playing float (He provided four codes :D) at 4 am in the morning.

And before we dig dipper; do watch this game trailer!


‘Float’ is developed by Ultrapped Ltd and published by GalacticThumb. This super polished game is launching on 9th March 2017 on iOS.

The float is a level-based arcade runner. Every level (Right now there are Eight Levels and with the future promise of More ) is beautifully crafted. Levels have checkpoints (Ranging from 3 to 5).
The float is a fusion between ‘The Line Zen’ and ‘Through the Fog’ only this one has better mechanics and Game Feel.

The Review:

I review a game on 5 Basic Criteria:

Game Mechanics: ‘A’

In float, you have to tap around the flower to manoeuvre it through obstacles. The closer you tap- the further the Flower moves. I say it is a fascinating approach and a nice break from all one tap to jump or switch side games. Only drawback- Although you can technically play Float with one hand if you want to be good at it, better use two hands!

Aesthetics: ‘A+’

For this game, I say the visuals are perfect. Although I beleive sound could have been a bit better. Hint: ‘Dancing Line’ By Cheetah Mobile and Boombit. However, don’t think the music is bad, it is actually pretty darn good- I am just setting the bar too high!

Story: B

The game says it is a journey of a flower! Moreover, yes while you play Float, you do feel like you are going through a journey. For me, it reminded me of my childhood. Back in our days- we used to float flowers in the river and see where it goes. However, maybe a bit more handholding in the storytelling would have been better. Just enough to set the tone. I understand it is a simple game but maybe a little bit of story would have helped the players have a more immersive experience. ‘Link Twin’ can be a good example of how you can tell a charming story with minimal effort. (Then again, most Arcades do not even bother to add that one line about Flower, so B here)

Technology: ‘A+’

Game runs smooth and scales well on all the devices we tested (iPhone 7 Plus, 6s, 5S, 5SE, iPad Pro 9.7, Mini 2, Mini 4, and iPod Touch) We completed all the levels, no bugs or other issues. The game uses Haptic Feedback for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Game size is sort of compact (Install file size 88MB). The game supports 10 Languages. Also, it gives you the option to turn off Haptic feedback (I do not know why someone will ever put it out but feels good to have that option).

Game Feel: ‘A’

The game feels great. Especially the use of Haptic feedback makes me feel like I am playing on my PS4 Pro. It is something I have not seen many games to use. Although I guess the game could use a little bit of screen shake and more haptic feedback ( Why not? I know I may drain battery life, but the kid in me wants more! ).


There is a famous saying If you have One cent go and buy Food. If you have two, use the rest to purchase a book and if three, also add some flowers to your bucket.

So I shall say if you have $2.99 in your iTunes Account, purchase Missileman. If you have $5.99; you guessed it right; take that flower to a pleasant journey- get float!

Gameplay Video:

As this is a paid game, many of you may want to see a proper gameplay video before purchasing the game, so here is a video covering parts of 4 Levels.

P.S: We are not affiliated with any of the developers. We bought Missileman and Link Twin for playing. And upon request Galactic Thumb sent us promo code for Float. Although Game Review is a hobby- we approach this with integrity.