Are you enjoying summertime fun down at your local swimming pool? Or wrapped up in blankets waiting for winter to come to an end? Flip Diving is a mobile game brought to you by Miniclip that lets you enjoy the carefree extremity of cliff diving all year round.

Dive with style, don’t get hit by the cliff!! Flip Diving is a round based game like Dragonlings which needs your full concentration to execute a perfect dive. Maybe it needs a few minutes to get the main task of this game, but worry not!!


At the beginning of this game, you will find yourself in a bright sunny surroundings, standing on a cliff and ready to dive. You will start from the pitch knowing only front flip. To make it perfect, you have to hold down yourself for preparing your jump and release to start your way towards the surf. Tap and hold to flip the diver and release to get him straighten out. Sounds easy? No, it’s not!! Cause you have to make sure that you get into the water leading your head or feet straight down.  To do this, you’ll need to untuck your dive at just the right moment to aim either your feet or head at the surface of the water.


As you advance through rounds, you’ll find that the target landing area will get smaller and sometimes even move. Different dives and different heights will require you to do this at various times, so you’ll need to experiment with each scenario to get a feel for what works best for you. After progressing through  many difficulties, Obviously you do not want to die for a wrong move, Right! A belly flop or back flop can end your diving and you have to start the game from square one. Along with making your dive a perfect one you have to collect coins as well to unlock different characters or different jumps.


There are a few ways to earn coins:

  • Collect them in the air while diving
  • Land on crates when they appear while diving
  • Perform flips while diving
  • Watch videos and earn a coin reward

Moreover,  after collecting a set number of coins, players can “spin” a machine and receive a prize — and that prize could be Unlocking different Dives, Divers, and Locations.


Choose your divers according to your preference. You can dive in an athletic style by choosing “The Diver“, Or you can take the swiftly diving gorgeous one- “Girl Diver“. “Teddy Costume” or “Penguin Mascot” make your diving a little bit funny while “Diving Businessman” add some intentness to your game play. Additionally, the DEATH-DEFYING LOCATIONS will wash away the monotony of diving from the same surface and through you a real challenge!! So from where you like to make your jump? Dive from trees, boats, trampolines, lighthouses and more!


Hurry and give it a try. It is a free game with some In-app Purchase. Now available in both App-store and Google play store respectively. So feel free to download and play!




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