Now, you can fly in the world of color! Sounds creepy? If you are confused how can you fly in a color world, then have a look at this article! Developer Lab Like brought a nice minimalist game where you can enjoy a very colorful journey. The name of the game is “Flight Color“. Interesting name, isn’t it? You may guess the character by the name of the game! Yes! In this game, you control a paper aircraft!! :O

Flight Color is an endless arcade game. It’s very simple but too much addictive. You have to travel in a world of colorful tiles. But only a particular color( color of the base) is your friendly color. You have to keep flying along that color. Your goal is to fly along as many tiles as possible. If you touch any other colors, your game is over!!

The control is very simple. Tap the left the side of the screen to move left and tap the right side of the screen to move right! Though it sounds very easy, it’s not! You have to be very careful because the tiles are also moving! And, also your base color gradually changes. So, anytime you can hit different colour if you don’t pay full concentration.

Graphically, it is very minimalist with beautiful designs. And relaxing soundtrack is really peaceful. As well as, the game is fun to play when you can customise everything by choosing from several aircraft types and various color palettes.

You can unlock multiple color themes and lots of aircrafts using game currency! Unlimited square shaped gold rings are here in the game. You can collect them during playing!

This beautiful fun game released on May 31 of 2017 on App Store. You can enjoy the game full Free!! But, if you want to remove all Ads from the game, then you have to spend $0.99 USD. And, there are some Optional In-App Purchases also. But, you can ignore it, right? So, make 117 MB space on your device and hit the Store Icon below to download the game. And enjoy your air ride. Happy Gaming. <3