Casual game players love to play with simple controls. And when one tap games combine with puzzles, it becomes the most exciting moment for puzzle lovers! Ketchapp brings you a super exciting endless-runner fast-paced puzzle game named Fit In The Hole.

Fit in the Hole is a minimalist game with a simple concept.  In the gameplay, there are some white blocks, a vibrant orangish-yellow block that you can control and an oncoming wall with cutout shapes. This game kind of reminds you of Tetris; with the blocky shapes and the whole ‘fitting in place‘ concept. Your challenge is to have a safe journey through the walls. You can only control the orangish-yellow cube. Just left and right tap will make the cube move around the playfield. Tap and hold to move faster.  Recognise the hollow shape on the wall, create the perfect shape to fit in to pass through the wall. Hitting wrong by any chance is instant game over!

The developer Taurus cleverly designed the game with reflex based puzzle elements. As it is an endless runner game, you cannot be slow. Move forward on your track by smartly settling your cube position. The viewing angle is misleading! But you need to use your focus and wit.


As you move forward, the shapes become more complex. While playing, you can collect tiny yellow diamonds as game currency to unlock building blocks that change the funks up the game a little. But maybe it’s not a good idea to play with the colourful and textured blocks. The default white blocks and starry background helps you to focus on the shapes coming at you. Everything moves faster with time, so you have to solve your puzzle quickly to survive. You don’t get any second chances! So push yourself to score more!


This amazing game is available for both Android and iOS platforms. You can download the game from the links below.  Let us know how you like it.