Firefighter! A man who jump into fire or danger and save our beloved one’s life. Sadly, we don’t see them as a hero. Not even in video games. We spend hours in puzzle games, feel thrilled while shooting in a first person shooter game. Have we thought about firefighter as a hero in a video game? Probably not. Well, we have seen this unique concept in a mobile game called “Fired Up!“. This beautiful game is a creation of No Monkeys and Published by Noodlecake Studios.

Fired Up! is such a game where your hero is that brave respectful guy who extinguishes fire and saves trapped residents from a building. Sounds wired! I bet you will love this single tap endless runner game if you have already played one of the games of Noodlecake Studio. They are famous for bringing different type of games in the market. To be precise MMM Finger, Chameleon Run and Alto’ Adventure are some of their hit releases. They tried to maintain their uniqueness in Fired Up! too.

Well, the firefighter is not going to enter into the building. Your task is to tap and hold to take him upward, while he moves zigzag way automatically. He will fall downward if you release your touch. What you have to do! Tap and take him up avoiding fire on the window and collect coins. If you can extinguish fire of a window, a resident might appear sometimes. The interesting thing is you have to buy some 30 residents with game currency to see how many of them you have saved.



Sounds easy? Well then give it a try! You will face a very tough time put off fire from all the window as well as protecting yourself. Because a single move can take you over the fire.

You will be hooked up to this fantastic game, as the game keeps your previous score pinned on the wall. The feeling of beating yourself and daily progress plus seasons record will encourage you to keep playing.

Fired up! is a full package of lovely colors, gorgeous graphics and enjoyable music. An addictive game like Fired Up! with its score-chasing game play might be a good source of fun in your hectic life.

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